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WASF is proud to announce the beginning of a new partnership with the RAC through the RAC WA Sports Star Awards.

The tradition of the RAC WA Sports Star Awards is to acknowledge excellence in sporting achievements by Western Australians and began in 1956 as the Sportsman of the Year. This Award was presented by the Associated Sporting Committee of the National Fitness Council of WA.

In 1962, West Australian Newspapers Ltd first promoted The West Australian Sports Star of the Year, and Sports Association of Australian (WA Division), formally called the Sportsmen’s Association of Australia, and introduced the Walter Lindrum Award.

In 1997, West Australian Newspapers Ltd, WA Sports Federation and Sports Association of Australia (WA Division) combined their independent Sports Awards under the banner of ‘Town & Country Bank Sports Star Awards’.

Today, excellence in sporting achievements by Western Australians is acknowledged through the RAC Sports Star Awards.

In the preceding years, 74 athletes from 21 sports have shared the senior Award, now recognised as The West Australian RAC Sports Star Award.

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