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Relevant Legislation

It is important that sport and active recreation organisations are aware of and understand their legal responsibilities. This section provides examples of legislations that the industry need to comply with. If you require further information, please contact the relevant organisation listed.

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Government Bodies

There are many Government Departments that WA Sports Federation (WASF) works with to deliver its strategic objectives. This page provides links to both State and Federal Government Departments that have an influence on the industry.

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Sports Federations

WASF forms part of the Australian State Sports Federations Alliance (ASSFA), a group of representatives from each State Sports Federation. Although each Federation is an independent body, ASSFA encourages collaborative communication and advocacy. This page provides the links to each State Sports Federation.

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Other Useful Links

This page provides links to other relevant websites.

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Current Members

The Current Members page provides links to the websites of WASF Members.

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