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It was in 1905 that RAC – or Automobile Club of Western Australia as it was then known – was formed by a small group of enthusiastic car owners.

They established the club partly for social purposes, such as picnic runs and reliability trials, and also to overcome the hostility of a community that still depended on the horse for road transport.

Since then the organisation has grown considerably and well over half a million vehicles are now covered under RAC membership.

Today the RAC Group covers businesses involved in roadside assistance, insurance, travel, finance, auto services and home security.

RAC offers a wide range of motoring and allied services including vehicle breakdown and towing assistance, general insurance products, technical advice, touring and travel services, personal loans, finance and investment products, and driver training.

RAC is also an important advocate for Western Australian motorists, representing them on such issues as road and vehicle safety, fuel pricing, road funding, transport planning, energy and the environment.

For more information please go to http://rac.com.au/