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Relevant Publications

SD5 (Western Australian Sport and Recreation Industry Strategic Direction 2011– 2015)

The SD5 document is a five year vision, from 2011 – 2015, for the sport and active recreation industry and is an important tool to assist industry organisations with strategic planning.

SD5 was developed by industry leaders in consultation with a broad group of stakeholders and, including, members of the broader community. It seeks to identify the challenges that must be met, and the elements that should be considered, by sport and recreation organisations as they develop their plans for the future.

 SD5 Document

National Sport and Recreation Policy Framework

The aim of the National Sport and Active Recreational Policy Framework is to provide a nationally consistent approach for Australia’s sport and recreation system.

The Framework was developed by state and territory government departments responsible for sport and recreation, with feedback provided by a range of national sport and active recreation organisations and peak bodies.

National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework