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Top Plan

About Top Plan

 Top Plan is a planning tool that can assist sporting clubs and associations to set a clear direction to guide them into the future. 

Top Plan is a unique software based planning tool. Most operational and strategic plans get you to consider your purpose, values, vision and goals. What sets Top Plan apart from these is it also gets your committee, and your members, to consider the culture and behaviours they want at your club. 

Top Plan begins with engaging your members (via a members questionnaire) to provide input into what they consider to be the essential elements of your club or association. This information  is populated into the program and ranked based on the number of responses. These responses guide the subsequent short (2 hour) planning session where the committee members further develop the purpose, values, vision and behaviours, both in and out of competition. The outcome is an annual plan with clear strategies and objectives to guide your club or association into the future. 

At a Top Plan session we’ll help you discover and answer the following questions:

  • What do your members think?
  • What is your  culture, purpose and vision?
  • What values and behaviours do you want to see at your club(s)?

Benefits of Top Plan include:

  • Member driven
  • Specifically tailored for sport
  • Easily identify clear and achievable objectives
  • Walk out with a 2-3 page plan that clearly articulates your club’s direction and actions
  • Built-in tools to support plan updates and reviews
  • Multi-year planning available
  • FREE

To see information on how to join a session, click here.

To view a sample plan, click here

For more information on the planning session , click on the video below.